Before starting any treatment, we will give you a comprehensive written plan to explain the process clearly. Your approval is sought before proceeding. 

General Consultation Fees

Consultation for:

- NEW Client Assessment 

- Emergency Appointment


Consultation for:

- Implants

- Invisalign
- Composite Bonding 


Routine Dental Examination (Existing patient)


Child Dental Examination (0-3 year old)

FREE (if parent/guardian attended practice)


£15 each

General Treatment Fees

Basic Hygiene Therapy (up to 30 minutes)

£95 (Scale and polish)

Comprehensive Hygiene Therapy (up to 60 minutes)

£150 (Scale with optional airflow)

Permanent Composite Filling (White)


Tooth Reconstruction 

from £395

Tooth Extraction 

from £195 to £395

Complex Tooth Extraction (Surgical / Wisdom)

from £395 to £695

Root Canal Extirpation


Crown / Bridge / Veneer

from £695 per tooth


from £695

Recement Crown / Bridge


Recement Veneer


Nightguard (Hard / Soft)


Orthodontic Fees

Invisalign Consultation


Invisalign teeth Straightening


Removable retainer


Fixed metal wire retainer


Cosmetic Dentistry Fees

Composite Bonding Consultation


Composite Bonding

from £200-299 per tooth

Composite Polishing Treatment (Yearly)


Aesthetic Crown Lengthning

£250 per tooth

In House Whitening


Home Whitening


Implant Dentistry Fees

NEW Implant Consultation


Routine Implant Examination


Implant Hygiene Therapy


Single Tooth Implant including Crown


Anterior tooth Implant (Incisors & Canines)


Implant Retained Denture (up to 4 Implants)


All on 4 Implants (Single arch)

Price subject to assessment

Bone Graft 

Price subject to assessment

Sinus Lift

Price subject to assessment

Specialist Endodontic Fees

Endodontic Consultation


Root canal treatment - Anterior (Incisor/Canine/Premolars)


Root Canal Treatment - Posterior (Molars)


Re - Root Canal Treatment

Additional £100






We are now able to offer interest free credit at toothi. This can be used on any treatment over £250. This will help you to spread the cost of your treatment. Please contact us for more details.

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