A Heartfelt Welcome from Dr Ali

Step into the inviting world of Toothi, a haven of luxury nestled in Edgware, North West London, dedicated to the artistry of cosmetic dentistry.

Meet our visionary founder, Dr Ali, the driving force behind Toothi. As the clinical director and cosmetic lead, Dr Ali has meticulously assembled the Toothi Dental team, a group of skilled clinicians specialising in transformative treatments such as composite bonding, teeth straightening, and dental implants.

At the heart of Toothi’s ethos lies a deep commitment to patient well-being and unwavering professionalism. This commitment permeates every aspect of the Toothi experience, guiding our patients through a journey that prioritises their smiles and overall satisfaction. Whether you are stepping into our clinic as a patient or joining our team, expect to arrive as a stranger and leave as a cherished lifelong friend. Your warmth is not just a part of our practice – it’s the essence of Toothi.